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Where April Excels 

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April is sought after for her talent in moderating critical and timely discussions that focus on the issues that matter. She has moderated panels with Hollywood elite, served as mistress of ceremony, and is a seasoned commentator on issues of cultural responsiveness, inclusion and equity. Her digital moderating has become very popular due to its international ease of access and distribution. 


April consults on films, television shows, and with major brands to ensure Black people and communities of color at all intersections of identity are included and truly heard. She works to make certain that marketing campaigns have the appropriate cultural tone and messaging before the public launch of a project or product. 


Without question, #OscarsSoWhite has influenced the culture, changed the conversation, and presented a lasting call to action throughout Hollywood and beyond. April is an innovator and thought-leader who understands the power of movement-building. 

She has a growing and diverse audience of tens of thousands who connect with her candid and authentic voice. From her live-tweeting of TV shows to her innovative marketing strategies, April’s insights make her an essential partner for production and distribution entities to attract a wide-ranging demographic. 


April’s unique, poignant and investigative takes on cultural issues, films and TV series shed a light on issues of equity, inclusion and representation. She is a leading voice who calls for change from a deep lived experience as a Black woman in America. Her commentary is on-point, on time, highly-anticipated, candid, and courageous. 

Culture & Inclusion Consultant

Moderator, Commentator & Mistress of Ceremony

Thought Leader

& Influencer


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